Hi guys! Today I wanted to talk about nature. Most people don’t really think about nature. I think that nature is usually taken for granted but it really should not. We need to respect nature. That is the main thing I mean in school we talk about how not to pollute but about 15% of us actually stop polluting. The other half just are like why should I care? Well start caring. The Ozone is not strong near the North and South pole making it so UV rays are getting there which melts the polar ice caps. So next time you think why should I care think cause if I keep polluting our world dies. Also people are not just hurting what the world is like it also hurts how it looks buildings are taking over the landscapes removing the gorgeous area animals grazed in the fields, there were hills, prairies, valleys, beaches, mountains and more. We don’t want to make the world look worse than it already we want to make it better. Tell me if you agree and what you think we should do?



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