So if you have been wondering where the blogs have been sorry, I was on a vacation and I have been playing lots of volleyball on a travel team. I’m back and so I want to talk about a game called CS;GO also known as Counter-Strike Global Offensive. It is a awesome game that is a first person shooter. It has a bunch of weapons and right now I am Silver Elite Master so I am not that good. I started getting practice maps and have a few skins. I opened my first case this weekend and got a Evil Daiymio, or some spelling like that. Me and my friend Nyo are on a hunt to get to Gold Nova 1. It’s so hard I cannot do it. So I am trying really hard to win my games and maybe eventually I will get to Gold Nova. Make sure to check the game out. Also make sure to stay tuned for more awesome video game posts. Bye!


Hi guys! Today I wanted to talk about nature. Most people don’t really think about nature. I think that nature is usually taken for granted but it really should not. We need to respect nature. That is the main thing I mean in school we talk about how not to pollute but about 15% of us actually stop polluting. The other half just are like why should I care? Well start caring. The Ozone is not strong near the North and South pole making it so UV rays are getting there which melts the polar ice caps. So next time you think why should I care think cause if I keep polluting our world dies. Also people are not just hurting what the world is like it also hurts how it looks buildings are taking over the landscapes removing the gorgeous area animals grazed in the fields, there were hills, prairies, valleys, beaches, mountains and more. We don’t want to make the world look worse than it already we want to make it better. Tell me if you agree and what you think we should do?



Volley ball tournaments!

So as you all know I play volleyball it is a very fun sport and this weekend I had some tournaments. I played for CYA and we won that tournament and then I had one for LYV and we came in 3rd but we should have come in 2nd because the two best teams played each other and the two worst teams played each other. So my team lost to the best team which sucked so we should have gotten second but we got third. So yeah, also I got on allstars on CYA. YAY! Considering it was a 7th and 8th grade team and I am only 6th grade I am very proud of myself. What sports do you play and when do you play them. Tell me in the comments down below and this is TiernanGamez out bye!



Food of the United States

In America we have many types of food, Chinese, French, Indian, and many more. But my favorite American food is Amy’s veggie pizza with no cheese. Yum! Everyday I beg my mom if I can eat this , every bite fills my mouth with delicious flavor. This pizza is also very healthy for you it contains lots of veggies and meats. Also it has a interesting sauce with is also very good. It has a sweet flavor that stays in your mouth Pizza is a very popular food in America, but this pizza is like no other it is actually healthy. Go to the answer garden and tell me what is your favorite food.

Click on the link below and tell me what your favorite food is!


Best Veggie pizza ever! http://www.amys.com/images/uploads/products/large/000103.png

The Black Ops 3 suprise

So tomorrow Friday the 6th of November a new game is coming out Black Ops 3 which is very exciting. Multiple gaming conventions are talking about this game. I will be one of the first ones to play because I have it on PS4 which if you bought it online makes it so it is already downloaded it is locked so at 12:00 it unlocks itself making it available to play. Multiple YouTubers are pumped for this game release and this is the first time that Playstation is hosting the game. Before Xbox was hosting so they got the game and beta a week early so the Xbox players already had a boost.This boost also gave Xbox players free add-on’s. Now, Playstation fans have the boost which gives them all the stuff Xbox players used to get. This situation was probably made so all the huge fans of Call of Duty will buy a PS4 or PS3 just to start playing before others making money for all three Playstation, Xbox and Trechyarch the creators of Call of Duty. Also YouTubers probably want to buy the game early so they can start playing and probably attract more fans, the type of fans that like Call of Duty. Hope you see what I mean if you enjoyed make sure subscribe. Bye!


Top 5 songs of 2015

This is my opinion so no hate and if there are songs that you thought that should make it tell me in the comments hope you enjoy!

#1 See You again – Charlie Puth

#2 Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars

#3 Stitches – Shawn Mendes

#4 Animals – Maroon 5

#5 Blank Space – Taylor Swift



My week so far!

So I have been at school so I have not got to post a blog in a while. Also I have been doing Volleyball I also read comic books and also I started reading Batman & Robin Eternal. That is probably the best comic book I have ever read.

My Awesome BOOK!


Photo credit; http://d.gr-assets.com/

So I have been reading this awesome book called Maximum Ride Fang it is a cool book about people who have been experimented on sense they were kids. It is a great book if you like action sarcasm and fun stuff. Yeah that’s how to explain it so hope you enjoyed this short blog post. Make sure to check the books out it is part of a series called Maximum Ride make sure to comment and subscribe. Bye!

Joaquin the Hurricane

Todays Friday and Joaquin is coming to my area not good. Power outages and other stuff is happening not very good right. Tomorrow I have volleyball and hopefully it won’t be pouring outside of my house. Also I am happy because I got all a’s and did a project and my teacher started jumping up and down because she liked it so much and all the kids in my class congratulated me. Well it is Tiernan Gamez so lets start talking game I play Minecraft, TeamFortress and other games also I love technology so much I use Photoshop and Adobe Premiere. Also pope Francis just left from U.S.A so yeah also I got to go to Ed Sheeran yay. Look it is the Pope Francis the dog.  So you guys liked it also did you guys see the Pope tell me about it. Was it fun? Was it boring? Were you crying? Were you laughing and did your baby get kissed or brother or sister or even your dog? tell me in the comments down below. Bye!

!Welcome to my blog!

      Hey fellow bloggers or soon to be bloggers. I’m Tiernan and welcome to my blog. I love electronics you should know because I am doing a blog on the line I learned that from my dad, it’s from a movie. I use photoshop and just got premiere which is a video editing software. I also do youtube videos, cool right I do minecraft but will probably extend my channel to other games. My main sport is an interesting sport for boys. It’s volleyball. I’m decent I got on all stars and all the other kids were 8th graders I was tiny I was only a 5th grader but it was still cool.


Now let me talk about my family I have a mom a dad and a sister also a dog. My sister’s name is Bronte I call her booger and she calls me turd. Great nicknames right. My dad’s name is Sean and my mom’s name is Susan. My dog’s name is Tailz and yes it is spelled right. My dad and me are good with technology me and him act the same too. We make funny jokes and when we get mad we act the same too. My sister and my mom are the basket cases of the family. Bronte: can I eat this is it healthy will I be ok. That’s probably my sisters most used sentence also she is fourteen so she is going through puberty I like to stay away from her cause she gets mad pretty easy. My sister is ok with technology but my mom is horrible she calls my Ipad a phone she calls my earbuds earphones which is weird but that is just who she is. Tailz is a cute dog or I call him a coochepoo a made up word that I call him for whatever reason. {coo-chee-poo} That is how you pronounce it.


Now you wonder why Tiernanz Gamez well I love technology yay but I also like comic books. New 52 is a dimension in the dc universe a.k.a comic book stuff. I am a pretty big fan of comics my dad was too. I also like the Batman he is my favorite superhero my dad’s favorite is Superman. There is a cool looking Batman VS Superman movie coming out and I am pumped for it. I read Batman new 52 Flash new 52 and other characters Batman new 52 is pretty and I collect pop figures there tiny figurines that are superheros they look pretty cool. I am thinking about making a superhero I have the name, powers, how he looks and the backstory of how he got powers.


Hope you guys enjoyed talk to you later bye!